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Rev. Trevor Williams

Rev. Trevor Williams, the former chaplain of Trinity College at Oxford University, has passed away. He tutored civil rights and class action lawyer, Robert J. Gaudet, Jr. in the New Testament when Mr. Gaudet studied at Oxford University. Rev. Williams supervised Mr. Gaudet’s studies in Oxford’s Diploma in Theology program and tutored him in Oxford’s Study of Religion degree. Rev. Williams was exceedingly kind and gentle. He had the sophistication of an experienced Oxford don but the grace and kindness of a genuine Christian who made Mr. Gaudet and other students feel at home in the centuries-old university where some could be ostentatious.

In the fall of 1999, Rev. Williams admitted Mr. Gaudet two weeks late into Oxford’s Diploma in Theology program. Another faculty member said it was impossible to start so late and that Mr. Gaudet would not pass the course. Yet, Mr. Gaudet graduated with honors. Rev. Williams served as his supervisor during the year and was always warm, kind, and hospital in inviting Mr. Gaudet to meetings in his rooms off the famous lawn of Trinity College in the heart of Oxford.

Rev. Williams also served as a chaplain and instructor for Mr. Gaudet’s sister, Brandi Marie Gaudet, who studied theology at Oxford and later graduated from Oxford’s MBA program, all while staying at Trinity College where Rev. Williams was the chaplain.

Around the time of Rev. Williams’s retirement about 14 years ago, Mr. Gaudet visited Rev. Williams at his home, per his kind invitation, and obtained a copy of his latest book on Christianity. He stayed in touch with students even after his service to Trinity College had formally ended. Rev. Williams will be greatly missed. A funeral service will take place at St Mark’s Episcopalian Church, Portobello, Edinburgh EH15 2AR, at 11am on Monday 18 November, followed by a reception at the Macdonald Marine Hotel in North Berwick, EH39 4LZ. A memorial service will be held at Trinity in the spring. #theology #oxforduniversity #christianity